TSTV Equipment Checkout

Policies and Procedures

Procedures for Students: All Students must have completed and signed the Equipment Checkout Agreement on file with the Station Manager before checking out TSTV equipment. The form can be obtained from the Station Manager.Equipment check out is only good for up to 72 hours, with the exception of Friday checkouts, which are due back on Monday.

Equipment hours are: Mondays: 8a-12p: Sean; 1p-2p: Madison; 5p-6:30p: Sean. Fridays: 12p-2p: Sean; 2p-3p: Madison; 3p-5p: Sean.
If the above times are completely impossible for you, then reach out to Sean to set up an appointment.
Appointments must be set up at least a week in advance.
Equipment checked out on Monday must be returned by the same time the following Thursday, and equipment checked out on Friday must be returned by the same time the following Monday.
For equipment checked out via appointment, returns must be made within 24 hours.
All requests must reference the inventory provided by the station.
Equipment may be checked out by a show’s producers or its volunteers. If a producer is checking out equipment for a volunteer, they are responsible for the equipment, even if they are not using the equipment themselves.
Any individual who removes TSTV-owned property assumes personal liability for repair or replacement of such equipment in the event of damage or theft.

Please note this is not a guarantee of this equipment. All Requests are subject to equipment availability.

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