Spring 2021 Staff

Brooklyn Garza

Station Manager
Show Recommendation: Broad City

Madison King
Entertainment Director
Recommends: Bob Ross - The Joy of Painting

Emily Koller
Entertainment Director
Recommends: Gilmore Girls

Matt Marinchak
Sports Director
Recommends: Breaking Bad

Jaxie Pidgeon
Sports Director
Recommends: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cameron Trout
News Director
Recommends: Supernatural

Mercedes Gonzales
News Director
Recommends: Eureka

Nikki Beck
Narrative Director
Recommends: Jersey Shore

Holly Anderson
Operations Director
Recommends: Major Lazer

Mario Medina
Marketing Director
Recommends: Day 5

Jason Kinander
Marketing Team Member
Recommends: First Take

Cameron Rudin
Marketing Team Member
Recommends: Next Week Now

Shelby Liggett
COVID-19 Production Supervisor
Recommends: Psych

Steven Morvant
Assistant COVID-19 Production Supervisor
Recommends: Community

Abby Evans
Incubator Director
Recommends: Veep

Moksh Chitkara
Online Producer
Recommends: Bojack Horseman

Sarah Law
Recommends: Mrs. America

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