TSTV Incubator Program

The TSTV Incubator Program is a year-long class in which narrative pilots are pitched and developed. Students present ideas for original television pilots, some of which will be chosen for further development over the course of the fall semester. The first semester is dedicated to writing and revising a script, while the second half focuses on production and post-production. Successful pilots may be picked up by the station for continuation, such as "Cereal Killer" (2019-present), "riot!" (2018-2020), "Rock Hard" (2019-2020), and "The RCA" (2019). If you have an idea for a narrative series or want to learn about screenwriting and the process of creating a TV show, then the Incubator Program is for you! In response to COVID-19, the Incubator class of 2019-2020 anticipates entering production this spring.

When Arden, a boy with Marfan Syndrome, joins an elite competitive gaming team, he must decide between his physical health and success.

Created by Ashley Poprik, Ian Bartholic, and Jake Crabtree
After Shiko, an ambitious and wealthy Kenyan teenager, is accepted into college, she navigates America for the first time.

Created by Noni Kigera, Janki Desai and Diana Guizado
A group of hormonal, misfit teens form a band to get laid but encounter multiple ridiculous obstacles at their first open mic.

Created by Davis Grant, Dani Consoldane, and Catarina Rae Tamez
The Hollywood Actors’ Guild mandates that only actors and actresses with college degrees qualify for the union, prompting eccentric movie stars to head to university.

Created by Laura Laughead, Kolsti Nguyen, Emily Steele, and Alexandra Varkarotas
When a time-traveling, shape-shifting couch zaps four college documentarians from 1985 to 2017, things go awry as the gang has different ideas on how to handle the situation.

Created by Reagan Weger, Jamie Dunaway, and Jenny Ezell
A group of misfit EMT students struggle as they try to navigate schoolwork, friends, and decide what the h*ll they want to do with their lives in this ensemble comedy.

Created by Mark Malstrom and Myka Rodriguez

Alamo Drafthouse Screening: Spring 2019

Program Directed by Jamie Dunaway, Abby Evans, Myka Rodriguez, and Robert Zimmer Jr.
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