TSTV's Writing Incubator

TSTV's Writing Incubator is a year-long program in which narrative pilots are pitched and developed. If you have an idea for a television show or  want to learn how the process works, this is for you. Learn all about the process of creating a TSTV show, from development to airtime. Incubator applications are currently closed but shows in development are looking to crew, and several incubator pilots have been developed into narrative shows, including "Cereal Killer," "riot!," and "Rock Hard."

Shows in Development:

Preschool Mob: After conquering the mob hierarchy of her preschool, an ambitious student must secure victory in a class presidential election to maintain her shaky grip on power.

Reel Terror: When monsters from a homemade horror film come to life, wannabe director George must slay inner and outer demons to save his friends and town.

Slow Burn: After a school building is burnt down, a group of friends are blackmailed by the arsonist and must solve the case before one of them has to take the fall.

Super!: After mysterious events grant college students superpowers, they weigh the benefits against the terror of being caught.

What the Hell: After failing a coup to overthrow the devil, a demon flees hell and posses a UT student. To earn asylum in heaven, they'll have to prove how good they've become.