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Introducing our Fall 2020 Staff

Brooklyn Garza

Station Manager
Show Recommendation: Broad City
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Abby Evans
Incubator Director
Recommends: Veep

Ashley Poprik
Narrative Director
Recommends: Goblin

Cameron Trout
News Co-Director
Recommends: Survivor

Cheng-Ying Daniel Shih
Sports Co-Director
Recommends: The Big Bang Theory

Ethan Dennis
Entertainment Co-Director
Recommends: Succession

Holly Anderson
Director of Operations
Recommends: Cowboy Bebop

Jesus Angel
Assistant Studio Supervisor
Recommends: Supernatural

Justin Morris
Sports Co-Director
Recommends: Ghost Adventures

Luke Hooten
Marketing Director
Recommends: Fleabag

Madison King
Recruiting and Events Co-Manager
Recommends: Dance Moms (szns 1-3)

Mario Medina
Marketing Team Member
Recommends: Day 5

Mercedes Gonzales
News Co-Director
Recommends: Eureka

Moksh Chitkara
Online Producer
Recommends: Bojack Horseman

Michelle Facio
Marketing Team Member/
Asst. Entertainment Director
Recommends: That 70's Show

Sarah Law
Recommends: Mrs. America

Shelby Liggett
Marketing Team Member
Recommends: Psych

Tommy Wilson
Entertainment Co-Director
Recommends: One Day at a Time

Valerie Trevino
Recruiting and Events Co-Manager
Recommends: Friends

Zayra Garza Salinas
Studio Supervisor
Recommends: Kim's Convenience