Texas Student Television Staff

Station Manager

Myka Rodriguez

Myka is a third year advertising/marketing major, and native Austinite. Other than managing the best television station on the planet, she enjoys killing it on the basketball court, consuming large quantities of pizza, and corny jokes.

Broadcast Advisor

Robert Zimmer

Robert Zimmer, Jr. is a writer and producer for film, TV, commercials, and multimedia. His work has been seen on six continents, including at the Sundance, Cannes, and SXSW film festivals. He is also an attorney, but asks that you not hold that against him. He is also a proud Longhorn RTF alum, and a fan of beagles.


Chelsea Moreno Director

Chelsea Moreno is the Director of the News Department. Good Morning Texas and KVR News are under her direction, and she has previously held several producer positions for Good Morning Texas. Chelsea is a Senior journalism major and is pursuing a broadcast career, while earning a certificate in Latino Media Studies. She is a proud native of El Paso, Texas, and maintains a strong relationship with God and her family. Chelsea is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and was recently selected among 12 others in the nation to participate in the Knight Foundation Student Project. She has also previously interned at ABC-7 in El Paso, Texas. Learn more about Chelsea by contacting her. Follow her on Twitter @chelsea_dear or on Facebook at Chelsea Moreno. You can also reach her by email with any questions at chelsea.moreno@live.com. Story ideas are welcome!

Sean Dolan Assistant

Sean Dolan is a second year Radio-Television-Film student from Chicago, Illinois. He has been working in the TSTV News Department since his first semester at UT, and hopes to continue his career in broadcast journalism wherever it takes him. His favorite films are Singin' in the Rain and The Silence of the Lambs, and he enjoys exploring Austin coffee shops in his spare time.

Brianna Rodriguez Assistant

Brianna Rodriguez is a sophomore journalism student from Houston, TX. She has been in the TSTV News Department since her first year at UT and is excited to improve her skills while helping others improve their own. Brianna enjoys reading, writing and volunteer work. And food. If you see her, please feed her. Thanks.


Elena Vierra Director

Elena is a senior Journalism major pursuing sports media. She has fallen in love with producing shows in her short time at TSTV. Elena's dream job is producing sports broadcast shows for her home baseball team, the San Francisco Giants. She is so excited to be leading the Sports Department this fall!

Eric Goodman Assistant

Eric is a wannabe New Yorker from central Connecticut majoring in Journalism and RTF. He is a two-year veteran of the TSTV Sports Department and has previously interned with NBC Sports for the Rio Olympics and currently with The Longhorn Network. In his spare time, Eric likes to watch the New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys.


Peter Corrao Co-director

Peter Corrao is a third year Radio-Television-Film major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is also a producer for Video Game Hour Live. When he's not on campus or home, he'll probably be at an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Rikki Bleiweiss Co-director

Rikki is a third year Radio-Television-Film major from Houston, Texas. In addition to her role as an Entertainment Director, she is a creator and executive producer of Midsummer Nights at Jenny's. She likes making things – whether it's a television show, a web series about bathrooms, a dog-petting-simulator video game, or a new and exciting research paper. Outside of the RTF world, she enjoys listening to herself talk as an active member of the UT debate team.

Kelsey Linberg Co-director

Kelsey Linberg is a junior in RTF and Theatre and Dance, where she is focusing on screenwriting and playwriting. She has been with TSTV since her freshman year, and is an executive producer of Midsummer Nights at Jenny's. She also acts as the head TA of the TSTV Incubator program and is an intern with Austin Film Festival. She would tell you what she does in her free time, but she does not have any.

Parker Layman Assistant Director

Parker Layman is a writer, director, and former Mario Kart Wii world record holder. His favorite hobbies include snakes.

Social Media

An Nguyen Director

Hello, my name is An and I am a sophomore Economics major from California! I like to listen to music and watch TV  in my free time- my favorite TV shows right now are Friends and Gossip Girls, I watch them constantly to procrastinate on my homework. In the future, I would love to work in both financial and film industries!


Connor Lewis Director

Connor grew up doing media work for churches and realized that he has a passion for production technology. He is now a senior at majoring in Radio-TV-Film and Computer Science. When he's not at the station, he is likely watching Netflix or working on a new programming project.


Ben Kelder Director

A New Jersey native specializing in editing, Ben is a sophomore Radio-TV-Film major with an appetite for success and barbecue.


Kyle Summers Director

Kyle Summers is a native Texan and a third year Radio, Television, and Film major with a specialty in cinematography. When he is not working at the station, he is likely practicing for his world class drum corps, filming events and narratives with other professionals, or practicing his flying in sailplanes.

Eric Johnsen Assistant Director

Eric Johnsen is a second year Radio, Television, & Film student. He enjoys all aspects of filmmaking but Cinematography and Directing are what he largely focuses on. He’s no flibbertigibbet. Y’know he’s just some guy.

Ethan Salinas Assistant Director

Ethan Salinas is a second year Radio-Tv-Film student. He enjoys gaffing, being with his friends, watching wrestling, and MasterChef.

Digital Media

An Nguyen Director

Hello, my name is An and I am a freshmen Economics major from California! I like to listen to music and watch TV  in my free time- my favorite TV shows right now are Friends and Gossip Girls, I watch them constantly to procrastinate on my homework. In the future, I would love to work in both financial and film industries!


Jordan Jackson Director

Jordan is a fourth-year Radio-Television-Film Major at UT Austin. She intends to pursue screenwriting if being a galactic bounty hunter falls through.


Brenda Lara Estrada Co-Director

Brenda is a fourth-year RTF major with a French minor and a creative writing certificate from Mesquite, Texas with a passion for storytelling and good songs. An aspiring screenwriter, she also enjoys directing and editing, but cannot deny her roots in audio production. She enjoys talking about The Office, Parks and Rec, New Girl, and Downton Abbey to anyone who will listen.  She has several profound loves, which include TSTV, Longhorn LateNight where she got her start, rewatching movies, dogs, and chips and queso because treat yo’ self.


Gustavo Pereda Director

Coming to you from the 915! (El Paso, TX!) His goal at TSTV is to make us look super great and promote ourselves to all kinds of audiences!


Emily Dsida Director

Emily Dsida is sophomore at UT. She started at Texas Student Television in Fall 2016 working on Longhorn Latenight, and was the technical producer of the pilot season of Next Week Now in Spring 2017. Outside of student television programs, Emily enjoys watching wrestling and cheesy 80's action movies, and she hopes to pursue a career in live television or online media.