Texas Student Television Staff

Station Manager

Aaron Bicart

Aaron is a senior Radio-Television-Film major, with an additional Creative Writing Certificate. He has focused on producing and screenwriting, and spent three years producing Longhorn Latenight. He has also interned at CW Austin for ATX Uncensored-ish.

Broadcast Advisor

Robert Zimmer

Robert Zimmer, Jr. is a writer and producer for film, TV, commercials, and multimedia. His work has been seen on six continents, including at the Sundance, Cannes, and SXSW film festivals. He is also an attorney, but asks that you not hold that against him. He is also a proud Longhorn RTF alum, and a fan of beagles.


Vivi Castaneda Director

Viviana is a fourth-year journalism student and is a part of the Latino Media Studies program. She has been a member of the news department at TSTV since her first-year at the University of Texas at Austin. With the help of TSTV, she has found her passion for news production and hopes to achieve her goal of becoming a producer in the near future.

Cinnamon Cornell Associate

Cinnamon Cornell is a senior journalism and public relations double-major. She has been involved with TSTV since her freshman year of college. After graduating, Cinnamon will pursue graduate school and study international affairs. She has studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and interned for That's Shanghai Magazine in Shanghai, China. She is a big advocate for studying abroad and would like to work overseas. Her dream is to pursue a career in broadcast journalism as a foreign corespondent or work for the U.S. Department of State.

Cameron Saenz Associate

Cameron Saenz is a senior with a dual degree in Radio-Television-Film and Economics. He has been a part of Good Morning Texas for two years and loves working in many different roles from anchor to news director. He appreciates producing and working behind the scenes of the show to make sure that we can make a fun and lively show for your early mornings!


Elissa Killebrew Director

Elissa is a senior journalism major pursuing a certificate in sports media. This will be her fourth year to be part of the TSTV community, and she is so excited to make my impact this year in the sports department!

Matthew Adams Associate

Matthew Adams is the assistant director for the TSTV Sports Department and is a junior majoring in journalism and radio-television-film. He has been with sports department for four semesters and has covered such sporting events such as the Longhorns 2015 Pro Day and Texas football upsetting OU. Matthew has previously worked for The Daily Texan, KVRX Sports, the Weatherford Star-Telegram and the Houston Chronicle.


Josh Guerra Co-director

Joshua Guerra is a music photographer, music journalist and the Entertainment Director for TSTV majoring in Rhetoric and Writing. He is the Executive Producer of Austin underground where he has interviewed a variety of music artists which have included Carrie Underwood, Anthrax, Deftones, Megadeth, Drowning Pool and many more. Aside from being involved in the entertainment department, he also works in the sports department for all sports shows and occasionally films Longhorn Sports. He also photographs for The Daily Texan where he spends most of his time when not doing anything for TSTV, Austin Underground or the sports department.

Madeline Dimayuga Co-director

Madeline Dimayuga likes jokes, matcha lattés, and getting things done. A UT RTF senior, she is currently an intern at Arcos Films based in Austin, Texas. She feels her purpose in this field is to bring about better representation for all people in the media, especially women and minorities; given the times we live in now, it would be best if you didn't stand in her way.

Peter Corrao Assistant Director

Peter Corrao is a second year Radio-Television-Film major from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is also a producer for Video Game Hour Live. When he's not on campus or home, he'll probably be at an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Social Media

Julia Cho Director

Julia is a senior Finance major/Theatre and Dance minor. She is a professional Netflix binge watcher and likes Hot Cheetos.


Connor Lewis Director

Connor grew up doing media work for churches and realized that he has a passion for production technology. He is now a sophomore at majoring in Radio-TV-Film and Computer Science. One day he hopes to work in the iOS development department at Apple. When he's not at the station, he is likely watching Netflix or working on a new programming project.


Myka Rodriguez Director

Myka is a sophomore marketing major with an interest in the entertainment industry. She enjoys writing and performing crew roles at TSTV, and spends her free time playing and watching sports, along with finding the best barbecue and pizza joints.


Kyle Summers Director

Kyle Summers is a native Texan and a second year Radio, Television, and Film major with a speciality in cinematography. When he is not working at the station, he is likely practicing for his world class drum corps, filming events and narratives with other professionals, or practicing his flying in sailplanes.

Eric Johnsen Assistant Director

Eric is a first year Radio-Television-Film student. He is a director and cinematographer and enjoys writing and editing in his own time. He enjoys spending time with friends and working on projects with fellow aspiring filmmakers.

Digital Media

An Nguyen Director

Hello, my name is An and I am a freshmen Economics major from California! I like to listen to music and watch TV  in my free time- my favorite TV shows right now are Friends and Gossip Girls, I watch them constantly to procrastinate on my homework. In the future, I would love to work in both financial and film industries!


Jordan Jackson Director

Jordan is a third-year Radio-Television-Film Major at UT Austin. She intends to pursue screenwriting if being a galactic bounty hunter falls through.


Danielle Ransom Co-Director

A senior journalism major, Danielle has covered science and technology, government, politics, entertainment and lifestyle news. She first got involved with TSTV through Austin Underground and Sneak Peek in Fall 2015. She has since worked in a variety of roles around TSTV and Austin, before undertaking her latest endeavor: screenwriting. She aspires to work in entertainment.

Minjie Kim Co-Director

Minjie is an architecture enthusiast and cat lover extraordinaire. A fourth year Radio-TV-Film major with a focus on game design, they have been at TSTV since way back in 2013. If they were an ice cream flavor, they would be lemon sorbet.


Danny Sheehan Director

Danny handles the archiving process of the station's old U-Matic tapes, some of which are from before the turn of the century. He is also the head producer on TSTV's Video Game Hour Live.